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Sözen, Filiz (2018-03-07)
Dynamic Modeling of the Universal Motor used in Washer
Polat, Abdullah; Ergene, Lale; Fırat, Arzu (2011-09-10)
In this paper, firstly, the structural features and operating conditions of a universal motor are presented. Alternating current (AC) and direct current (DC) operating conditions of the motor and the difference between the...
A cross-sectional survey in progress on factors affecting students' academic performance at a Turkish university
Erdem, Hikmet Esin (2012-05-12)
Comparison of Structural Properties of Copper Deposits from Sulfate and Pyrophosphate Electrolytes
Arslan, Berna; Ulgudur, N.; ERDOĞAN, MUSTAFA; İmamoğlu, İpek; Karakaya, İshak (2013-11-01)
Aluminum is quite often plated to combine the advantages of the light metal with modified surface properties. In this study, copper strike electrodeposits obtained from cyanide and pyrophosphate strike baths were compared ...