Predictors of disordered eating among Turkish university students

Sümer, Zeynep
Pembecioğlu, Ümit
The purpose of the study is twofold: to assess to what extent gender, age, body mass index, weight satisfaction, body satisfaction, emotion focused coping, and problem focused coping styles predict disordered eating attitudes of Turkish university students; and to examine the difference between female and male university students regarding expert preference in case of a weight problem, and importance of significant other's opinion regarding their weight. Three instruments – Eating Attitudes Test (EAT-40), Coping Styles Inventory, and a Demographic Data Form were administered to 525 students from four (3 state, 1 private) universities of Ankara, Turkey. A stepwise multiple regression analysis, and two separate two-way contingency table analyses with chi square were conducted. The variables found to be most predictive of disordered eating attitudes and entered the regression equation were weight satisfaction, gender, emotion focused coping style, age, and body mass index. Of the five variables, weight satisfaction was significantly negatively related to disordered eating attitudes. Results also indicated that proportions of female students preferring dietician and fitness expert in case of a weight problem were nearly same, whereas male students preferred fitness expert, medical doctor and dietician, respectively. Regarding the importance of significant other's opinion in relation to weight, no significant difference was observed between female and male groups. Opposite sex friend's opinion in relation to weight was found to be the most important source for both female and male students. The role of cultural factors in shaping the attitudes toward eating was discussed.
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Z. Sümer and Ü. Pembecioğlu, “Predictors of disordered eating among Turkish university students,” presented at the 19th Annual Conference of the European Health Psychology Society (31 Ağustos - 03 Eylül 2005), Galway, Ireland, 2006, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: