Gas Velocity Distributions in Conical Spouted Beds with High Density Particles



Gas velocity distribution in conical spouted beds with high-density particles
Doğan, Neslin; KÖKSAL, MURAT; Külah, Görkem (2021-03-01)
Local gas velocity measurements were conducted utilizing a Pitot tube in two small-scale (D-c = 150 mm, gamma = 30 degrees, 60 degrees) and one large-scale (D-c = 250 mm, gamma = 66 degrees) conical spouted beds. Three different types of particles, zirconia (rho(p) = 6050 kg/m(3)), zirconia-toughened alumina (rho(p) = 3700 kg/m(3)), and glass beads (rho(p) = 2460 kg/m(3)), were used in the experiments. Careful calibration of the Pitot tube for determination of gas velocities in the annulus section was carri...
Gas-Phase Temperature Mapping of Evaporating Microdroplets
Mousa, Mohamed H.; Günay, Ahmet Alperen; Orejon, Daniel; Khodakarami, Siavash; Nawaz, Kashif; Miljkovic, Nenad (2021-04-01)
Evaporation is a ubiquitous and complex phenomenon of importance to many natural and industrial systems. Evaporation occurs when molecules near the free interface overcome intermolecular attractions with the bulk liquid. As molecules escape the liquid phase, heat is removed, causing evaporative cooling. The influence of evaporative cooling on inducing a temperature difference with the surrounding atmosphere as well as within the liquid is poorly understood. Here, we develop a technique to overcome past diff...
SUER, MG; BAC, N; Yılmaz, Levent (1994-05-20)
Mixed matrix membranes of polyethersulfone (PES), a glassy polymer, and hydrophilic zeolites 13X and 4A were prepared by using different membrane preparation procedures. Using selected procedure (c), the permeation rates of N2, O2, Ar, CO2 and H-2 were measured with a variety of membranes prepared at different zeolite loadings. Significant differences in measured permeability and calculated selectivity values demonstrated the importance of the type and percentage of zeolite. For both zeolitic additives, per...
Başkurt, Nur Didem; Gur, Yusuf; Omruuzun, Fatih; Çetin, Yasemin (2016-09-27)
Hyperspectral imaging for gas detection applications is an under-researched topic. The same gas model is used in most of the gas detection studies in the literature. This model aims to formulate the scene covering the gas emission as well as the background and the atmosphere. Therefore, the model requires prior knowledge on transmittance, emissivity, and temperature values of the components in the scene. The commonly used approaches to estimate these parameters include atmospheric modeling and statistical i...
Gas separation performance of polycarbonate membranes modified with multifunctional low molecular-weight additives
Sen, D.; Kalıpçılar, Halil; Yılmaz, Levent (Informa UK Limited, 2006-01-01)
The gas permeation performances and various physical properties of dense polycarbonate (PC) membranes containing low molecular-weight additives (LMWA) with functional groups were evaluated. The selected LMWAs were p -nitroaniline, 4-amino 3-nitro phenol, catechol and 2-hydroxy 5-methyl aniline, and LMWA concentration in the membrane was changed between 1 and 10% (w/w). The PC/LMWA membranes had higher ideal selectivities but lower permeabilities than pure PC membrane. The most effective LMWA which provided ...
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N. Güler and G. Külah, “Gas Velocity Distributions in Conical Spouted Beds with High Density Particles,” presented at the luidization XVI, (26 - 31 Mayıs 2019), Guilin, Çin, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: