Electrical modelling of human eye ball-muscle system.

Diab, Mahmoud M W


Electrical characterization of sol-gel derived PZT films produced by micropatterning
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The effects of post-deposition processes such as CdCl2 dip and/or annealing in air on the material and device properties of vacuum-evaporated Au-CdTe/CdS-TO heterojunction solar cells have been investigated. The CdCl2 dip followed by air annealing at 300 degrees C for 5 min improved the device efficiency significantly, resulting in decreased CdTe resistivity and enhanced grain size. The temperature-dependent current-voltage analysis indicated that above 280 K interface recombination dominates the current tr...
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M. M. W. Diab, “Electrical modelling of human eye ball-muscle system.,” Middle East Technical University, 1987.