Varved lake sediments from SW Anatolia (Köyceğiz Lake): paleoclimatic reconstructions and sedimentary earthquake record for the last 400 years

Avşar, Ulaş
Schmidt, Sabine
Jonsson, Sigurjon


Sarackoy Volcanic Suite: implications for the subductional phase of arc evolution in the Galatean Arc Complex, Ankara, Turkey
Kocyigit, A; Winchester, JA; Bozkurt, Erdin; Holland, G (Wiley, 2003-01-01)
A sequence of upper Campanian volcanic rocks, hitherto considered as part of the Miocene calc-alkaline Galatean volcanic sequence, crops out near Sarackoy, 40 km north of Ankara. These volcanic rocks, unconformably overlain by Eocene nummulitic limestones, comprise thin flows and volcaniclastic deposits. They can be divided compositionally into three distinct subunits: (i) basal massive trachyandesitic volcaniclastic rocks with a thin flow at the top, overlain by (ii) mixed volcaniclastic rocks and thin amy...
Terlemez quartz monzonite of Central Anatolia (Aksaray-Sarikaraman): age, petrogenesis and geotectonic implications for ophiolite emplacement
Yaliniz, KM; Aydin, NS; Göncüoğlu, Mehmet Cemal; Parlak, O (1999-07-01)
The Terlemez quartz monzonite is one of the Central Anatolian Granitoids and is exposed to the east of one of the main granitoid belts trending in a NW-SE direction and situated at the western end of the Central Anatolian Crystalline Complex.
SATREPS MarDiM Project on Earthquake and Tsunami Disaster Mitigation in the Marmara Region and Disaster Education in Turkey
Çıtak, Seçkin Özgür; Kaneda, Yoshiyuki; Özener, Haluk; Meral Özel, Nurcan; Kalafat, Doğan; Takahashi, Narumi; Hori, Takane; Hori, Moneo; Sakamoto, Mayumi; Pınar, Ali; Özel, Asım Oğuz; Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet; Tanırcan, Gülüm; Demirtaş, Ahmet (2017-08-04)
Menderes Massif (Western Turkey): structural, metamorphic and magmatic evolution - a synthesis
Bozkurt, Erdin (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2001-04-01)
The Menderes Massif covers large areas in western Turkey. The better understanding of its tectono-metamorphic history would provide insight for the Alpine evolution of western Turkey and the entire eastern Mediterranean region. This paper summarizes the available literature on the metamorphic rocks of western Turkey and that of the Menderes Massif with special reference and emphasis to the papers presented in the special issue.
Resevoir geology of the lower cretaceous clastic series, northeast of Boyabat (Sinop basın,Turkey)
Öztürk, Özgür; Eseller, Göksenin; Derman, A. Sami; Department of Geological Engineering (1996)
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U. Avşar, S. Schmidt, and S. Jonsson, “Varved lake sediments from SW Anatolia (Köyceğiz Lake): paleoclimatic reconstructions and sedimentary earthquake record for the last 400 years,” 2014, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: