Assessment of Uncertainties for Local Scouring Parameters Around Bridge Abutments



Assessment of the ground subsidence and lining forces due to tunnel advancement
Karamanlı, Ömer; Çetin, Kemal Önder; Department of Civil Engineering (2009)
The use of sprayed concrete lining is common in tunneling practice since it allows the application of non-circular tunnel sections and complex tunnel intersections. Low capital cost of construction equipment is also an important factor for the selection of the sprayed concrete lining. In general the use of sprayed concrete lining is referred as New Austrian Tunneling Method (NATM). Depending on the requirements regarding tunnel heading stability and limitations on tunneling induced soil displacements, tunne...
Assessment of Lake Sediment Sensitivity to Earthquakes and Climate Cycles along the North Anatolian Fault
Boes, Xavier; Avşar, Ulaş; King, Jeofrey; Çağatay, Namık; Hubert-ferrari, Aurelia (2007-04-20)
Assessment of damage zone thickness and wall convergence for tunnels excavated in strain-softening rock masses
Satici, Ozguer; Topal, Tamer (2021-02-01)
There are two fundamental issues in all underground excavations, which are safety and economy. To ensure safety and expedite excavations, level of tunnel wall convergences and damage zone thickness should be predicted before the excavation starts, should be determined accurately, and monitored during the excavation by the tunnel designer. However, accurate prediction of these two parameters is difficult unless in-situ stress and deformation measurement tools are used. In this study, damage zone thickness an...
Assessment of plastic zone thickness and convergences for tunnels excavated in weak to fair quality rocks in Turkey
Satıcı, Özgür; Topal, Tamer; Department of Geological Engineering (2018)
Most of the ancient civilization structures were constructed under the ground, such as underground dwellings, transportation systems or storage facilities. In our modern era, underground constructions are still keeping their importance. Yet, every underground excavation requires prediction of rock mass behavior prior to excavation. Besides, this also means the prediction of convergences and plastic zone thicknesses after an excavation. In this thesis, development of convergences and plastic zone thickness d...
Assessment of carbon dioxide plume behaviour within the storage reservoir and the lower caprock around the KB-502 injection well at In Salah
Shi, Ji-Quan; Sınayuç, Çağlar; Durucan, Sevket; Korre, Anna (2012-03-01)
Surface uplift has been detected over all three of the In Salah CO2 injection wells with corresponding subsidence also observed over the gas production area. The distinctive two-lobed uplift pattern over KB-502 has attracted much research interest, as it suggests the tensile opening of a structural discontinuity at depth. The latest reservoir simulation effort at Imperial College involved the implementation of a non-sealing fault (zone) with dynamic transmissibility in the revised reservoir/overburden model...
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