Just by squeezing Starting with Hydrogen peroxide production by mechanically treated polymers

Baytekin, Bilge
Baytekin, Hasan Tarık
Tejerına, Baudılıo
Grzybowskı, Bartosz A


Just Noticeable Quantization Levels For High Dynamic Range Images
Sozer, Sevim Begum; Koz, Alper; Akyüz, Ahmet Oğuz; Zerman, Emin; Valenzise, Giuseppe; Dufaux, Frederic (2020-10-25)
Just noticeable quantization levels, which are conventionally used in picture coding, have been mainly developed for standard 8-bit images and low dynamic range (LDR) typical screens. The quantization levels however have not been adapted yet for high dynamic range (HDR) imaging and its accompanied HDR displays, which can reach up to a peak luminance of 4000 cd/m 2 . This study proposes an experimental methodology on HDR displays to determine just noticeable quantization levels for discrete cosine transform ...
Direct Calculation of Entropy Generation by Solving Reynolds-Averaged Entropy Transport Equation in an Air-Cooled Turbine Cascade
Orhan, Omer Emre; Uzol, Oğuz (2012-06-15)
This paper presents an implementation of directly solving Reynolds-Averaged Entropy Transport equation as a part of the CFD solution to predict entropy generation rates in a two-dimensional turbine blade stator section. The Reynolds Averaged Entropy Transport and the necessary modeling. equations are implemented to a commercial CFD solver as a User Defined Scalar (UDS). The results are compared with those obtained by post-processing the temperature and velocity fields obtained by solving full Navier-Stokes ...
Exact solutions for radiative heat transfer in box-shaped furnaces
Akşahin, İlhan; Selçuk, Nevin; Department of Chemical Engineering (1987)
Real-Time Attitude Independent Calibration of Spinning Spacecraft Magnetometers Using Quasi-Measurements
Cetin, Mustafa Efe; Söken, Halil Ersin; Sakai, Shin-ichiro (2022-11-01)
Magnetometers are essential sensors for attitude estimation in small spacecraft due to their robust, inexpensive, and lightweight characteristics. However, the raw measurements contain sensor errors. These errors degrade the attitude estimation accuracy. This study proposes a complete real-time attitude-independent magnetometer calibration algorithm for spinning spacecraft. The recursive algorithm aims to estimate the full error state, bias, scale factor, and non-orthogonality corrections in real-time and w...
Just Say Yes to Early Algebra
Stephens, Ana; Blanton, Maria; Knuth, Eric; İşler Baykal, Işıl; Murphy Gardiner, Angela (2015-09-01)
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B. Baytekin, H. T. Baytekin, B. Tejerına, and B. A. Grzybowskı, “Just by squeezing Starting with Hydrogen peroxide production by mechanically treated polymers,” 2011, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/79777.