Wideband omnidirectional and sector coverage antenna arrays for base stations

By using parallel strip line fed printed dipole antennas as array elements, an omnidirectional antenna array and a wide angle sector coverage array operating in octave band are designed. A maximum deviation of ±1.25 dB from the omnidirectional pattern is achieved for the omnidirectional array, and the average gain of the antenna was measured as being 5 dB in the 1.35–2.7GHz band. For the sector coverage array, a special reflector design is utilized to maintain a half power beam width of around 115◦ with a standard deviation of 14◦ in the aforementioned frequency band. The average gain of the sector coverage array was measured as 10 dB, thereby being almost three fold larger than the average gain of the omnidirectional array. © 2018, Electromagnetics Academy. All rights reserved.
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