An Investigation of Rock Properties and Environmental Safety Aspects for the Design of an Underground Asphaltite Mine in Southeast Turkey

The paper describes the findings of research which was concerned with the possible development of an underground mine at Harbol vein in the Cizre-Silopi area. The mechanical and physical properties of asphaltite and the surrounding rock units are determined and their cuttabilities assessed. The liability of asphaltite to spontaneous combustion is examined and the volume and composition of gases stored in the asphaltite are determined. The environmental effects of self heating and gas emissions are discussed and recommendations are made.
Int. Symp. on Underground Mining Methods and Technology (1986)


Kuzey Haymana’da (Ankara, Türkiye) üst paleosen – alt eosen istifinde planktonik foraminifer biyostratigrafisi ile ilgili ilk bulgular
Tanık, Gamze; Altıner, Sevinç (2017-04-10)
Bu çalışma Haymana Havzası’nda Paleosen Eosen Termal Maksimumun (PETM) planktonik foraminifer kaydını belirlemeyi amaçlayan yükseklisans tezinin ilk bulgularını içermektedir. PETM, yaklaşık 56 milyon yıl önce gerçekleşmiş olan bir küresel ısınma olayıdır. Bu olay planktonik foraminiferlerde dönüşüme neden olmuş, Planktonik Foraminifera Ekskürsiyon Taksonları (PFET) adı verilen üç farklı tür Paleosen/Eosen (P/E) sınırında ortaya çıkmış ve PETM’in bitişiyle yok olmuşlardır. P/E sınırı ve PETM’yi belirlemek am...
A phenetics study for infrageneric grouping of Limonium Mill. genus (Plumbaginaceae) in Turkey
Fazlıoğlu, Fatih; Doğan, Musa; Department of Biology (2011)
In this study, current infrageneric taxonomic status of Limonium Mill. in Turkey was assessed by using numerical taxonomy (phenetics) method. Herbarium materials belong to 21 species of Limonium Mill., collected all around Turkey, and were examined. In order to evaluate the infrageneric status, 52 characters based on ecological and morphological features of the genus were determined and recorded to construct a data matrix which was analyzed by MultiVariate Statistical Package (MVSP) and Statistica software ...
Mehrabov, Amdulla; Ozturk, T (Elsevier BV, 1994-03-01)
A study is carried out into energetical and structural characteristics of atomic ordering processes in Fe3Al. The statistico-thermodynamical theory of ordering by a quasichemical method is combined with the electronic theory of alloys in pseudopotential approximation in order to predict impurity effects on DO3 double-line arrow pointing left and right B2 phase transition temperature and the characteristics of atomic short-range order in Fe3Al-type intermetallics. Impurity elements in Fe3(Al, Me) Me-Cr, Si, ...
A laboratory study of fracture grouting technique in sand
Tunçdemir, Fatih; Ergun, Mehmet Ufuk; Department of Civil Engineering (2008)
In this study, fracture grouting technique of saturated, granular soils of different fine content were investigated. Model tests were carried out by using fluid particulate grouts namely micro fine cement and ordinary portland cement grouts. Basically, relationships were obtained between soil conditions (grain size distribution, relative density, overburden stress) and grouting parameters (type of grout, grouting pressure, amount of injected grout, rheological properties of the grout or water/solids ratio)....
Examinations on technological characteristics of mudbased construction materials in Ulucak Hoyuk neolithic settlement
Erol, Fatıma; Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe; Department of Archaeometry (2019)
The main concern of the study is the definition of mud-based materials technologies belonging to Ulucak Höyük (İzmir) Neolithic settlement (Vth level:6400-6000 BC and IVth level: 5990-5660 BC). Representative samples were collected from the eight different mud masonry houses that were unburnt, partially and fully burnt mudbricks, interior/exterior mud plasters, and floor covering mud mortars. Their laboratory tests were based on raw materials analyses composed of compositional properties of mud mixtures and...
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