A phenetics study for infrageneric grouping of Limonium Mill. genus (Plumbaginaceae) in Turkey

Fazlıoğlu, Fatih
In this study, current infrageneric taxonomic status of Limonium Mill. in Turkey was assessed by using numerical taxonomy (phenetics) method. Herbarium materials belong to 21 species of Limonium Mill., collected all around Turkey, and were examined. In order to evaluate the infrageneric status, 52 characters based on ecological and morphological features of the genus were determined and recorded to construct a data matrix which was analyzed by MultiVariate Statistical Package (MVSP) and Statistica software with Unweighted Pair Group Method with Arithmetic Mean (UPGMA) method to construct phenograms. Then, by assesing the phenograms, an overall comparison of Limonium Mill. species were made and infrageneric taxonomic status of the genus was discussed. The result of this study indicated that 5 sections of the genus are represented in phenograms which was a compatible result with theoretical information written in 7th Volume of “Flora of Turkey”. Moreover, in UPGMA trees, a new section (belonging Section Limonium) is observed. Section nova species live only near seashore and distinctively separated from other Section Limonium species in phenograms and Principle Component Analysis (PCA). PCA was carried out to indicate most important characters used in this study. In addition, in this study, a dichotomous key comprising all the species of Limonium Mill. in Turkey was also presented. In appendix part, brief information about each species such as distribution, habitat, conservation status, habit, endemism ratio, flowering period, IUCN categories was given to review all Limonium Mill. species in Turkey.


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F. Fazlıoğlu, “A phenetics study for infrageneric grouping of Limonium Mill. genus (Plumbaginaceae) in Turkey,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2011.