Data Ethics Policy in Social Science Research in Turkey: Gathering Data from Social Media

Karataş, Şule
Binark, Ferruh Mutlu
Yalçın, Haydar
Çomu, Tuğrul
In Turkey, recently the researches on social media, which fall into the scope of social science, have been conducted primarily by collecting the content produced by users in the interface. Such content has been mapped in various ways and analyzed qualitatively or quantitavely. In all these researches there comes out some ethical problems while gathering and using data. Association of Internet Research and Ethics Committees in Scandinavian countries (eg. The Norwegian National Research Ethics Committees) have already shared various studies and made recommendations about research ethics on social media. This study discusses whether or not there is data ethics in the social science researches conducted in Turkey in the context of collecting data from social media applications. In the field of data ethics and collection of data from social media platforms, the interviews have been made with relevant corporate actors, experts and the NGOs working substantially in data broadcasting in Turkey; in respect to the issues emphasized above, these interviews have been analyzed thematically. At the end of this analysis, some novel research subjects and recommendations have been devised.
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Ş. Karataş, F. M. Binark, H. Yalçın, and T. Çomu, “Data Ethics Policy in Social Science Research in Turkey: Gathering Data from Social Media,” presented at the Digital Democracy Critical Perspectives in the Age of Big Data, 10 - 11 November 2017, Stockholm, Sweden, 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: