New possibilities on training of NDT personnel

Training is the most important step for qualification of certifying NDT personnel. In order to certify a person for any NDT method satisfactory training is a must in all standards. Due to increased utilization of computer and internet, educational principles have being started to change in the way of online-learning. It is an inevitable fact that NDT societies should adopt themselves in the progress of educational concepts. Since NDT training includes both theoretical and practical parts, a blended learning concept will be the solution for NDT training. © 2017 Slovenian Society for Non-Destructive Testing. All rights reserved.
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H. İ. Yelbay, C. H. Gür, and E. Yilmaz, “New possibilities on training of NDT personnel,” St. Bernardin/Portoroz, Slovenya, 2017, p. 219, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: