Assessing the performance of hybrid lines for disassembly

Bayındır, Zeynep Pelin
Gümüşkaya, Volkan
Altekin, Fatma Tevhide
Assessing the performance of hybrid lines for disas- sembly Z. Pelin Bayindir, Department of Industrial Engineering, Middle East Technical University, Middle East Technical University, Department of Industrial Engineering, 06800, Ankara, Turkey,, Volkan Gümüs ̧kaya, F. Tevhide Altekin We consider a disassembly line where the task durations are stochastic (some tasks at certain stations cannot be completed within the cycle time). Our objective is to investigate the performance of hybrid line concept developed for assembly lines where in case of an incomple- tion, certain tasks are performed offline. For the others, the line is stopped until the tasks are completed. We develop methods to deter- mine the classification of tasks and calculation of associated expected costs. A computational study is performed to assess the performance of hybrid lines for disassembly.