Instructional Use of Information and Communication Technologies Teachers Resistance to the Use of New Technologies

In the present day, the use of information technologies in businesses and industry has increased quickly and extensively. These developments in information and communication technologies have made it compulsory for students to use technologies to be successful members of the knowledge-based world. New technologies have the potential to support education through the curricula and help individuals to adopt the new demands of today’s business and industry. However, many teachers still do not integrate these tools in their instruction. As a result, the use of high-level technology is still unexpectedly low. This paper seeks out the attitudes and opinions of teachers about the implementation of new technologies in their classrooms. The aim of this paper is to discover the information technologies that teachers are using and how often they are using them. The participants of the study were public school teachers in Turkey. Data were collected by using a questionnaire. The questionnaire included questions related to demographic characteristics of teachers and the availability of information technologies in the school used for teaching. It is expected that the findings of this research would find data currently not available to educators and education policy makers. The information obtained from this research would also be functional for teacher educators to improve teacher training programs to facilitate the needs of teachers
The International Journal of Technologies in Learning


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