Material Characterization of Mudbrick and Neighbouring Plasters in Traditional Timber Framed Structures

Erdil, Meltem
Meriç, Işın
Madani, Nigar
Alam, Burhan
Tavukçuoğlu, Ayşe
Caner Saltık, Emine
The 19th century timber dwellings reflect the experience of the past on materials and construction technologies of the traditional timber frame structures in Anatolia. However, those houses suffer mostly from wrong repairs due to incompatible materials and inappropriate construction detailing. Wrong repairs introduce and/or accelerate many problems, such as moisture problems, salt decay, thermal and structural failures. Comprehensive studies are, therefore, needed to improve the knowledge for the planning of proper repair and maintenance works and keeping them for long periods of time with their authentic features. The earthen materials together with neighbouring plaster layers that complement/protect the wall structure were examined in terms of their material properties to better define their roles in traditional timber framed structures. The original mud brick, mud mortar, mud plaster and interior and exterior finishing plasters were collected from some traditional timber frame houses in Güdül and Beypazarı districts of Ankara. Their material characteristics were examined in terms of: (i) physical properties, such as bulk density, particle density, porosity, water vapor permeability (ii) physicomechanical and mechanical properties, such as ultrasonic pulse velocity, and modulus of elasticity (iii) raw materials characteristics, such as binder-aggregate ratio, particle size distribution, silt-clay content, fiber content, clay type and pozzolan content. Mineralogical composition of silt, clay and aggregates were identified by the X-Ray diffraction analyses. The results are expected to reveal the technological properties of the traditional earthen and plaster materials, contributing to their performance and durability characteristics. The knowledge obtained will also be useful to define the specifications for the repair materials compatible with the original ones.
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M. Erdil, I. Meriç, N. Madani, B. Alam, A. Tavukçuoğlu, and E. Caner Saltık, “Material Characterization of Mudbrick and Neighbouring Plasters in Traditional Timber Framed Structures,” Ankara, Türkiye, 2017, p. 252, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: