Computer simulation of stand-off jamming.

Tamer, Saffet


Computer simulation of radial flow pumps.
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Computer simulation of operational procedure of a Tokamak System.
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Computer simulation of stick-slip motion in machine tool slideways
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Especially in CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine tools, stick-slip motion should be eliminated even at very low sliding speeds. Otherwise, the table begins oscillating around the desired position and exact positioning can never be achieved. In this study, stick-slip motion of plain machine tool slideways is simulated using a two-degree of freedom mathematical model. The governing equations are solved with the help of a mathematical package, MathCad 6.0. The results are compared with experimental ones ...
Computer-aided dynamic modelling of spur gears.
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S. Tamer, “Computer simulation of stand-off jamming.,” Middle East Technical University, 1986.