"Marble style of Anatolia" : a study on the role of marble in the architecture of Asia Minor in the Roman period

Ceylan, Burcu


"The citadel of Ankara": Aspects of visual documentation and analysis regarding material use
Sülüner, Hasan Sinan; Bakırer, Ömür; Department of Architecture (2005)
This thesis examines the history, written sources and physical aspects of the citadel at Ankara with respect to building materials, masonry styles, design and topography. The distribution of different types of building materials in selected areas are analyzed and documented by using modern methods.
"The Historical Evolution of the Turkish Mosque Architecture"
Peker, Ali Uzay (1999-01-29)
"Reconstructing" the Ottoman Imperial Harem of the nineteenth century: memoirs of Leyla Saz on the Old Çırağan Palace
Günsoy, Belkıs Harika; Enginsoy Ekinci, Ayşe Sevil; Department of History of Architecture (2011)
This thesis aims to explore the Ottoman Imperial Harem in the second half of the nineteenth century by focusing on the memoirs of Leyla Saz, a well-known poet and musician (1850-1936). Belonging to an aristocratic family, Leyla Saz was admitted to the Çırağan Palace at the age of four as Fatma Sultane’s, (daughter of Abdülmecid) maid of honour and witnessed closely the daily life in the Harem for more than twenty years. Her memoirs, dating 1920, are the earliest examples written by a court member or, in oth...
"Glass myth" reconstructed : an inquiry into "re-appreciation of glass" in contemporary architecture
Kaynar, İpek; Savaş, Ayşen; Department of Architecture (2001)
"The Inwardness of the Modern Mind": Reading Henry James through a Hegelian Spirit
Çırakman, Elif (2010-01-01)
The aim of this article is to investigate the ways in which memory and imagination operate in and through the development of consciousness in literary texts. Its guiding theme shall be the double consciousness in modern life which sets the plot for one of the masterpieces of Henry James, The Ambassadors (1903). Thus The Ambassadors artfully crafts the "inwardness of the modern mind" by plotting it as a process of maturity and of becoming mindful through the powers of imagination, recollection and memory. Th...
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B. Ceylan, “ “Marble style of Anatolia” : a study on the role of marble in the architecture of Asia Minor in the Roman period,” Middle East Technical University, 1994.