A New Revolution in Technology Nanotechnology



A New Era in Open Pit Mining: Mine-mill Integration and Enabling Technologies
Klein, B; Altun, Naci Emre; Bamber, A S (Wide Publishing, 2014-01-01)
Avrupa’da yükseköğretim için yeni bir vizyon
Kondakçı, Yaşar; Yılık, Mehmet Ali (2003-10-01)
Bu çalışmanın amacı, Avrupa’da yükseköğretim sistemlerinde halen yapılmakta olan reformları incelemek ve bu reformlarla ulaşılmaya çalışılan ve Avrupa Yükseköğretim Alanı (AYÖA) olarak da tanımlanan yükseköğretim sistemleri topluluğunun genel özelliklerini anlamaktır. Araştırmanın verileri nitel araştırma yöntemlerinden biri olan doküman analizi yöntemi ile elde edilmiştir. Avrupa'daki reform sürecini anlamak için, yine Avrupa'da düzenlenen yükseköğretimle ilgili önemli toplantılar sonunda yayınlanan bildir...
A new soluble conducting polymer and its electrochromic devices
YİLDİZ, UMİT HAKAN; SAHİN, ELİF; Akhmedov, IM; Tanyeli, Cihangir; Toppare, Levent Kamil (Wiley, 2006-04-01)
A new polythiophene derivative was synthesized by both chemical and electrochemical oxidative polymerization of 1-(1-phenylethyl)-2,5-di(2-thienyl)-1H-pyrrole (PETPy). Of which the chemical method produces a polymer that is completely soluble in organic solvents. The structures of both the monomer and the soluble polymer were elucidated by nuclear magnetic resonance (H-1 and C-13 NMR) and Fourier transform infrared (FTIR) spectroscopy. The average molecular weight has been determined by gel permeation chrom...
A new ontology and knowledge base system for performance measurement in health care
Beyan, Oya Deniz; Baykal, Nazife; Department of Health Informatics (2010)
Performance measurement makes up the core of all health care systems in transition. Many countries and institutions monitor different aspects of health care delivery systems for differing purposes. Health care deliverers are compared, rated, and given incentives with respect to their measured performance. However, a global health care domain is currently striving for attaining commonly accepted performance measurement models and base-standards that can be used in information systems. The objective of this t...
A new theory of content
Aytekin, Tevfik; Sayan, Erdinç; Department of Philosophy (2003)
Naturalistic philosophers of meaning try to define the recalcitrant concept of reference in terms respected by the empirical science, such as causality or teleology. In this thesis, after a brief introduction to these trials is given, Fodors theory of content in terms of asymmetric dependence is examined in some depth. I claim that although this theory involves an important insight, it is an unsatisfactory attempt at reduction of the notion of reference. I develop a new theory of content, which does not hav...
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