Restructuring Turkish local governments within the period of integration to the European union

Meriç, Yasemin


Transformation of the Turkish financial system
Akduman, Burçak; Türel, Oktar; Department of Economics (1990)
Restructuring of the economy and merger activities
Öztimur, Zerrin; Eraydın, Ayda; Department of Regional Planning (1991)
Revision of the Turkish development law no. 3194 governing urban development and land use planning
Gulkan, P (2000-06-24)
This paper is based on a report1 that stemmed from an investigation into improving Turkey’s legal framework for spatial planning and physical development. The principal motivation for the investigation has been the renewed awareness in the wake of the Erzincan earthquake of 13 March 1992 that there exist systemic defects in the way the built environment in Turkey is created. These deficiencies cause the building stock to have poor record against disasters, and bleed the national economy. It drains resources...
Strengthening Turkish small and medium size enterprises and promoting entrepreneurship in the light of European Union policies
Işık iskender, Seval; Ege, Aylin; Department of European Studies (2005)
This thesis analyses the ways of strengthening Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey and promoting entrepreneurship in the light of the current EU policies from a holistic approach. Analyses of theoretical framework and exploring the structure of SMEs, existing support policies and the future strategies of both European Union and Turkey are the major stages of this study. This thesis makes critical evaluation of SME policies in Turkey by pointing out their weaknesses, which are supported by th...
Restructuring of the Turkish Public Sector as part of the Europeanisation Strategy
Özoğlu, Burçak (2005-5-01)
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Y. Meriç, “Restructuring Turkish local governments within the period of integration to the European union,” Middle East Technical University, 2001.