A study on the determinants of the teacher salaries in the private schools in Ankara, Turkey

Köşker, Serpil


A Study on the economies of scale in the high school operations in the province of Ankara, Turkey
Toker, Nedim; Koyuncu, İbrahim; Department of Educational Sciences (1997)
A study on the determination of the heads of adult educations competencies in Turkey
Duman, Ahmet; Boşgelmez, Meral; Department of Educational Sciences (1991)
A study of housing prices in Ankara
Karagöl, Tuba; Türel, Ali; Department of City and Regional Planning (2007)
Housing price studies is the first step of housing market analysis. Prices are determined at the intersection point of supply and demand curves, which determine equilibrium point that represents equilibrium price and quantity level. At a point in time demand factors are more important in determining the prices because short-run supply curve is almost vertical. However, in the long run supply of housing, and its certain attributes, will increase if price premium arises in the previous periods. In most of the...
A comparative study on earthquake resistance of reinforced concrete and masonry residential buildings in small-scale cities of Turkey
Er Akan, Aslı; Ünay, Ali İhsan; Department of Building Science in Architecture (2008)
Today the vast majority of urban population in Turkey is living in multi-story apartment blocks constructed of reinforced concrete due to the fact that in the late 19th century concrete and steel took the place of traditional materials such as masonry. However, it cannot be denied that masonry is still a crucial material for load bearing walls, internal walls and cladding of buildings. In addition to this masonry construction system has many advantages. From the architectural point of view, it provides flex...
A study of the student placement system for higher education institutions in Turkey
Yazlalı, Özgür; Köksalan, Murat; Köksal, Gülser; Department of Industrial Engineering (2001)
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S. Köşker, “A study on the determinants of the teacher salaries in the private schools in Ankara, Turkey,” Middle East Technical University, 2000.