Nature Connectedness and Landscape Preferences of Turkish Preservice Preschool Teachers

Yılmaz, Simge
Olgan, Refika
Öztürk Yılmaztekin, Elif
The current paper had two aims, first to investigate Turkish pre-service preschool teachers’ perceptions of different kinds of landscapes that can be used to achieve their educational goals, their ideas about the characteristics of these settings, and the contribution to children’s education, the resource needs, motivations, and barriers they associated with these settings, and second to explore the possible relationship between nature relatedness of the participants and their outdoor setting type preferences (educational and personal). The participants were 300 pre-service preschool teachers from two universities in Turkey. The researchers used a landscape preferences questionnaire accompanied by 16 photographs of types of outdoor settings and human influence attributes to explore the landscape preferences of the participants. Additionally, a nature relatedness scale was used to investigate the participants’ understanding of how human beings and nature are connected. The results showed that while the participants’ educational preferences were generally in the categories of park and maintained settings, their personal preferences were water and natural areas. The results also revealed that although there were no significant differences in the preferences of the participants’ educational landscape and their level of nature relatedness, there were statistically significant differences in their personal landscape preferences and levels of nature relatedness.
International Journal of Environmental and Science Education


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