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Idea Generation Using the Fictionation Design Tool in an Interactive Prototyping Course for Industrial Designers

Bayırlı, Ümit
Paksoy, İsmail Yavuz
Börekçi, Naz Ayşe Güzide Z.
Fictionation is a design tool developed as part of an ongoing PhD research,for supporting design students in their idea generation process. This paperdescribes a study in which the Fictionation design tool has been pilot testedin an Interactive Prototyping elective undergraduate course with industrial designstudents. The aim was to encourage design divergence, by inviting studentsinto a fictional world where restrictive considerations of the design process donot exist for them. The study was carried out with thirteen students using thedesign tool in the idea generation phase of their projects. The submissions wereanalyzed for their visual contents. The results show that students were able todiverge in their design exploration, offering variety and novelty in their designideas.