Are Women Differentially Appointed To Precarious Leadership Positions Evidence From Turkey

Corporate Sustainability is a business approach that creates long-term shareholder value by embracing opportunities and managing risks deriving from economic, environmental and social developments. Sustainability operations are generally decided by top managers. From this point of view, the main aim of this study is to analyze businesses within Upper Echelons Theory according to BIST Sustainability Index criteria. In this regard, demographical variables of the top managers of indexed businesses and eliminated businesses were analysed comparatively. The study was carried out with totally two hundred and forty-seven factors. According to the results obtained, while there is no significant difference on mean age and tenure, there is a significant difference on educational level between two mentioned groups.


İşletmelerin BIST-Sürdürülebilirlik Endeksi’nde Yer Alma Durumuna Göre Üst Kademe Teorisi Kapsamında Değerlendirilmesi
GÖZÜM, AYŞE GÖZDE; Acar, Feride Pınar (2018-07-01)
Kurumsal Sürdürülebilirlik, işletmelerde uzun vadeli değer yaratmak amacıyla, ekonomik, çevresel ve sosyal faktörlerin işletme faaliyetlerine yansıtılması olarak açıklanmaktadır. İşletmelerde sürdürülebilirlik faaliyetlerine genellikle üst düzey yönetim tarafından karar verilmektedir. Bu doğrultuda, bu çalışmanın amacı; üst kademe teorisi dâhilinde BISTSürdürülebilirlik Endeksinde yer alan işletmelerin yönetici özelliklerinin incelenmesidir. Bu kapsamda, sürdürülebilirlik endeksinde yer alma konusunda istek...
Do US Corporate Governance Standards Effectively Discourage Risk in the Emerging Markets?
Sayari, Naz; Marcum, Bill (2018-06-01)
This study provides an examination of the effect of various corporate governance factors on the management of the risks inherent in business and the potential divergent impact of these factors on US firms and firms in emerging countries. In particular, the study scrutinises corporate governance and corporate risk-taking behaviour across different political and socioeconomic environments. In a cross-sectional time-series setting, two-step generalised least squares regression outcomes reveal that the impact o...
Do corporate governance practices affect CEO compensation? The moderating effect of economic freedom on corporate governance - CEO compensation relationship: an international study
Akgün, Şahin.; Sayarı Marcum, Naz,; Department of Business Administration (2019)
This study analyzes the association between corporate governance and CEO compensation adopting the “Agency Theory” and “Managerial Power Theory”. First, we examine the direct relationship between corporate governance indicators (such as board structure, employee representatives on board, CEO duality, board independence, institutional share ownership, and insider share ownership) and CEO compensation. Second, the study concentrates on the moderating effect of firm performance on corporate governance – CEO co...
Dynamic switching times from season to single tickets in sports and entertainment
Duran, Serhan; Yakici, Ertan (Springer Science and Business Media LLC, 2012-08-01)
Revenue management can be used in many industries where there is a limited, perishable capacity and the market can be segmented. In this paper we focus on the sales of event tickets in the Sports and Entertainment industries, where tickets are sold exclusively as season tickets initially or as single events later in the selling horizon. We specifically study the optimal time to switch between these market segments dynamically as a function of the state of the system. Under Poisson demand processes, we find ...
The post-politics of the green economy in Turkey: re-claiming the future?
Turhan, Ethemcan; Gundogan, Arif Cem (2017-01-01)
The green economy is often defined as an economic configuration that results in improved human wellbeing and social equity, while reducing (or at least decoupling from) environmental risks. It is elusive, and can be read as a new way of ensuring and maintaining capital accumulation accompanied by neoliberal austerity policies, where a green rationale is required to maintain the structural roots of the global political economy. As such, critics often identify its self-contradictory nature, in giving legitima...
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