Understanding the Complexity of Value and Its Co constitution in a Global Network Insights from a Global Fashion Brand Value Constitution Context

This study problematizes the conceptualization of brand value formation process which is rooted in the productionist and economistic perspectives. Juxtaposition of different economıc systems such asthe traditional capitalist economy, the sign economy and thenew ethical economy and their value logics in contemporary global economic system necessitates shifts in the perspective on value formation. Utilizing a case study of value creation process of a British iconic fashion brand, we demonstrate that brand value is not created in a linear chain of production but occurs in global networks within and outside the company’s immediate network of relations and stakeholders. Study calls for further research for brand value creation processes by synthesizing anthropology of markets perspective, the anthropological theory of value approach and the global networks approach
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The contribution of cognitive style and prior knowledge on sixth grade students' knowledge acquisition in polygons in drama based learning environment
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The relationship between personality traits and pedestrian behaviors: mediating role of individual values
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