Finite and Fixed Point Free Group Actions on Fiber Products of Rational Elliptic Surfaces



Finite action Yang-Mills solutions on the group manifold
Dereli, T; Schray, J; Tucker, RW (IOP Publishing, 1996-08-21)
We demonstrate that the left (and right) invariant Maurer-Cartan forms for any semi-simple Lie group enable solutions of the Yang-Mills equations to be constructed on the group manifold equipped with the natural Cartan-Killing metric. For the unitary unimodular groups the Yang-Mills action integral is finite for such solutions. This is explicitly exhibited for the case of SU(3).
Finite groups admitting fixed-point free automorphisms of order pqr
Ercan, Gülin (Walter de Gruyter GmbH, 2004-01-01)
Küçük, Başak; Pamuk, Semra; Department of Mathematics (2022-7-21)
In the area of group actions on manifolds, we either fix a group G and ask the question whether G acts or not on some certain manifolds or we fix the manifold M and ask which groups can act on M in a certain way. In this thesis, we will focus on the latter; present some known and recent results about finite group actions on closed, connected, orientable four-manifolds. The group actions that are considered are topological and locally linear. We will give a detailed overview of the rank conditions of the gro...
Finite rigid sets in curve complexes of non-orientable surfaces
Ilbıra, Sabahattin; Korkmaz, Mustafa; Department of Mathematics (2017)
A finite rigid set in a curve complex of a surface is a subcomplex such that every locally injective simplicial map defined on this subcomplex into the curve complex is induced from an automorphism of curve complex. In this thesisi we find finite rigid sets in the curve complexes of connected, non-orientable surfaces of genus g with n holes, where g+n neq 4. 
Finite Groups which Act Freely on Smooth Schoen Threefolds
Karayayla, Tolga (2016-11-13)
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