Insights Into a Nationwide pdMOOC Portal

Çağıltay, Kürşat
Eşfer, Sezin
Çelik, Berkan
This chapter contributes to the MOOC research community by revealing the insights into a Turkish professional development MOOC (pdMOOC) portal ( which has 100 courses prepared for professional development (PD). The aim of this chapter is to provide a deeper understanding of the sustainability of the pdMOOC portal, and portal registration trends. It also highlights pdMOOC user demographics, the most and the least popular pdMOOCs, completion rates for the most and least popular pdMOOCs, number of certificates earned, and average duration of course completion in pdMOOCs. Finally, it documents the current situation of MOOCs in Turkey.
Citation Formats
K. Çağıltay, S. Eşfer, and B. Çelik, Insights Into a Nationwide pdMOOC Portal . 2020, p. 140.