DSA Sisteminin Çalıştırılması ve Test Edilmesi



Aerothermodynamic shape optimization using DSMC and POD-RBF methods
Kutkan, Halit; Eyi, Sinan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2018)
This thesis study presents a hybrid method based on Proper Orthogonal Decomposition (POD) with Radial Basis Function (RBF), on Direct Simulation Monte Carlo (DSMC) solutions for aerothermodynamic front surface optimization of Stardust re-entry. Gaussian and multiquadric RBFs are implemented for comparison, and multiquadric functions are chosen due to their insensitivity to diverse shape parameters. Cubic uniform B-spline curves are used innovatively for parameterization of the geometry change, instead of cu...
BAA Semineri – Matematikte Sonsuzluklar
Ozan, Yıldıray (2020-6-06)
Elektrikli ev aletleri için sürdürülebilir tasarım ölçütleri: bakım, onarım ve kaynakların verimli kullanımı
Bakırlıoğlu, Yekta; Doğan, Çağla; Oğur, Dilruba (ODTÜ Mimarlık Fakültesi, 2019-04-01)
An improved energy requirement prediction for queueing applications of electric vehicles based on parameter estimation
Sağlam, Berkay; Göl, Murat; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2022-8)
The use of electric vehicles has increased in recent years. Although they have many benefits to the environment such as reduced carbon emissions, charging of vehicles brings some new challenges for power systems such as overloading, reliability problems, etc. Charging of electric vehicles should be managed to overcome these problems. Queueing strategies are one of the management methods. These strategies are applied to obtain a feasible operation that depends on the decisions made considering system propert...
Some optimal control problems in electric vehicles
Ahıska, Kenan; Leblebicioğlu, Mehmet Kemal; Özgören, Mustafa Kemal; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2016)
Conventional internal combustion engine-powered vehicles are the mainstream mean in nowadays private transportation. However, their fuel consumption results in environmental problems. Electric vehicles, on the other hand, have zero pollutant emission and benefit from high highly-efficient electric motor technology. These make the electric vehicles as the most promising alternative in private transportation. However, limitations in current battery technology aggravate the widespread usage of electric cars. T...
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