An overview of the role of retrofitted instruments in dam safety

Eighth International Congress on Advances in Civil Engineering 15 - 17 Eylül 2008


An Overview on Rigid Pavement Specifications in Developed Countries
Şengün, Emin; Yaman, İsmail Özgür; Ceylan, Halil (2016-01-01)
As any engineering structure, for the highway pavement design and construction a series of technical, economic and environmental factors is considered before the material selection. The technical factors involve physical, chemical, and mechanical features, the ease of construction work, construction duration, durability requirements and the safety and comfort of the selected materials under service and environmental conditions. On the other side, the initial cost and the life cycle cost are among the econom...
An overview of bird related issues in electrical power systems
Polat, O.; Yumak, K.; Atilla, N. E.; Bağrıyanık, Mustafa (2016-09-25)
Power system equipments, especially overhead lines and utility poles are posing great risk to avian species. Main purpose of this paper is to draw attention of distribution companies and community on conserving bird species and their habitats. The paper also provides regulatory framework about protecting bird species, impacts of birds on utility equipments and remedial actions that can be taken for problem specific cases. Furthermore, a sector review of industrial applications and effectiveness of mitigatio...
An overview of security attacks and countermeasures in osi-based computer networks.
Uslu, Zinnur; Tolun, Mehmet R.; Department of Computer Engineering (1988)
An overview of detection in MIMO radar
Bilgi Akdemir, Şafak; Candan, Çağatay; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2010)
In this thesis study, an overview of MIMO radar is presented. The differences in radar cross section, channel and received signal models in different MIMO radar configurations are examined. The performance improvements that can be achieved by the use of waveform diversity in coherent MIMO radar and by the use of angular diversity in statistical MIMO radar are investigated. The optimal detector under Neyman-Pearson criterion for Coherent MIMO radar when the interfering signal is white Gaussian noise is devel...
An overview of statistical decomposition techniques applied to complex systems
Tuncer, Yalcin; Tanik, Murat M.; Allison, David B. (Elsevier BV, 2008-01-20)
The current state of the art in applied decomposition techniques is summarized within a comparative uniform framework. These techniques are classified by the parametric or information theoretic approaches they adopt. An underlying structural model common to all parametric approaches is outlined. The nature and premises of a typical information theoretic approach are stressed. Some possible application patterns for an information theoretic approach are illustrated. Composition is distinguished from decomposi...
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