An overview of security attacks and countermeasures in osi-based computer networks.

Uslu, Zinnur


An overview of the role of retrofitted instruments in dam safety
Yanmaz, Ali Melih (null; 2008-09-15)
An Overview on Rigid Pavement Specifications in Developed Countries
Şengün, Emin; Yaman, İsmail Özgür; Ceylan, Halil (2016-01-01)
As any engineering structure, for the highway pavement design and construction a series of technical, economic and environmental factors is considered before the material selection. The technical factors involve physical, chemical, and mechanical features, the ease of construction work, construction duration, durability requirements and the safety and comfort of the selected materials under service and environmental conditions. On the other side, the initial cost and the life cycle cost are among the econom...
An overview of trace based public key cryptography over finite fields
Akyıldız, Ersan (2014-03-15)
The Discrete Log Problem (DLP), that is computing x, given y = alpha(x) and (alpha) = G subset of F-q*, based Public Key Cryptosystem (PKC) have been studied since the late 1970's. Such development of PKC was possible because of the trapdoor function! : Z(l) -> G = (alpha) subset of F-q*, f (m) = alpha(m) is a group homomorphism. Due to this fact we have; Diffie Hellman (DH) type key exchange, EIGamal type message encryption, and Nyberg-Rueppel type digital signature protocols. The cryptosystems based on th...
An overview of information system development methodlogies and an application by sturctured design methodology.
Akyokuş, Selim; Department of Computer Engineering (1985)
An overview of security and privacy in smart cities' IoT communications
Al-Turjman, Fadi; Zahmatkesh, Hadi; Shahroze, Ramiz (2019-07-08)
Smart cities have brought significant improvements in quality of life and services to citizens and urban environments. They are fully enabled to control the physical objects in real time and provide intelligent information to citizens in terms of transport, healthcare, smart buildings, public safety, smart parking, and traffic system and smart agriculture, and so on. The applications of smart cities are able to collect sensitive information. However, various security and privacy issues may arise at differen...
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Z. Uslu, “An overview of security attacks and countermeasures in osi-based computer networks.,” Middle East Technical University, 1988.