Decoupled Cascaded PID Control of an Aerial Manipulation System

Bulut, Nebi
Turgut, Ali Emre
Arıkan, Kutluk Bilge


Decoupled Cascaded PID Control of an Aerial Manipulation System
Bulut, Nebi; Turgut, Ali Emre; Arıkan, Kutluk Bilge (2019-12-01)
This paper presents the control of an aerial manipulation system with a quadrotor and a 2-DOF robotic arm. Firstly, the kinematic model of the combined system and the Denavit-Hartenberg parameters of the serial robotic arm are obtained. Then, to derive the dynamics of the system, the quadrotor and the 2-DOF robotic arm are modeled as a combined system. The Lagrange-d'Alembert formulation is used to obtain the equation of motion of the combined system. Later, decoupled controllers are developed for the gener...
Decoupled Modular Regularized VMS-POD for Darcy-Brinkman Equations
Güler Eroğlu, Fatma; Kaya Merdan, Songül; Rebholz, Leo G (2019-05-01)
We extend the post-processing implementation of a projection based variational multiscale (VMS) method with proper orthogonal decomposition (POD) to flows governed by double diffusive convection. In the method, the stabilization terms are added to momentum equation, heat and mass transfer equations as a completely decoupled separate steps. The theoretical analyses are presented. The results are verified with numerical tests on a benchmark problem.
Decoupled Newton load flow.
Atılgan, Mehmet Emin; Department of Electrical Engineering (1973)
Decoupled optimum meter placement analysis in electrical power systems.
Altınbaş, M Erdal; Department of Electrical Engineering (1981)
Deconvolution and preequalization with best delay LS inverse filters
Tuncer, Temel Engin (Elsevier BV, 2004-11-01)
A new method for finding the best delay for the design of least-squares (1,S) inverse filters is introduced. It is shown that there is a considerable difference between the LS errors of a best delay filter and an arbitrary LS inverse filter. Proposed method is an effective and computationally efficient approach for the design of LS optimum filters. Deconvolution problem is considered and the MSE performances of pseudoinverse, preequalization and LS inverse filtering are investigated. In this respect, the th...
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N. Bulut, A. E. Turgut, and K. B. Arıkan, “Decoupled Cascaded PID Control of an Aerial Manipulation System,” Hittite Journal of Science Engineering, pp. 251–259, 2019, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: