Taking the demand side into account: Citizen perceptions and suggestions for development of e-Government services and gateway in Turkey

Medeni, D. Tunç
Çetin, Yasemin
Balci, Asim
Özkan Yıldırım, Sevgi
The purpose of this work follows the importance, priority and necessity of paying attention to citizen side, and aims to improve our understanding and addressing better the citizen demands and expectations towards e-Government. The research aims to question and understand better what citizens think regarding the currently available e-Government services in Turkey. In response to this purpose and question, this work-in-progress paper presents secondary information from literature review and context of the ongoing practical and academic works, and primary findings from both a preliminary and a recent study. These presented information and findings mostly represent practitioners' viewpoint that is mostly based on the authors' professional, academic and personal involvement in the various aspects of the Turkey case, and in return are expected to provide certain input for the on-going practical affairs. As the research is a work-in-progress that traces long-lasting development and ongoing operations of e-Government in practice, at this point providing some suggestions and directions rather than concrete practical and theoretical implications is considered to have the most value. As a result, security, trust, ease of use, service and information quality are determined to be significant for citizens' perceptions and suggestions as factors that affect their usage of e-Government services in Turkey. The resulting paper first provides a relevant literature review then information about the history and latest developments in e-Government from the perspective of citizen side. Following this background information, the preliminary descriptive study on citizen perceptions of demands and expectations conducted last year is reminded. Build upon these ongoing researches on the academic and practical side, latest research findings as a result of analysing citizens suggestions for E-Government Gateway (EGG) in Turkey are also shared. Finally, suggestions for future are given. We hope all these works will contribute to the improvement of e-Government from the citizens' perspectives, as well as provides suggestions and guidelines for related initiatives elsewhere.
7th European, Mediterranean and Middle Eastern Conference on Information Systems, EMCIS 2010 (12 - 13 Nisan 2010)


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