Measuring the experience economy approach in a festive sport event

Yazıcı, Tuba
Koçak, Mehmet Settar
Objective Providing satisfactory experience to partic-ipants has critical importance for the long-term success and sustain-ability of any recreational event. To provide a practical tool for festive sport event organizers the validity and reliability of the Experience Economy Scale were evaluated based on the Dragon Fest experience. Material and Methods The sample consisted of 358 Turkish festival participants including, 240 males (67%) and 118 females (33%). The Experience Economy Scale consists of four subscales: entertainment, education, escapist, and esthetics. In each of the experience subscales there are four items composed of 16 experiential items. Construct va-lidity of the Experience Economy Scale was tested by employing ex-ploratory factor analysis. Confirmatory factor analysis (CFA) was carried out to investigate whether or not the four-factor structure of the scale would be confirmed in the Turkish Dragon Fest sample. Re-sults The scale was found to have a four-factor structure. According to the confirmatory factor analysis results of the Experience Econ-omy Scale, the model has adequate fit values (χ2=39.27, df=14, χ2/df=2.81; GFI=0.96, CFI=0.98; RMSEA=0.08). The scale was found to be a reliable and valid instrument in a festive sports event context. Conclusion: Experience Economy Scale not only provides us with a tool for the design of recreational events but also it may be beneficial when making promotional and marketing strategies. There-fore, leisure event organizers should consider the four experience di-mensions for staging successful experiences. As the more experiential aspects an event contains, the more participants are pleased and repeat their attendance for the following events.
Turkiye Klinikleri Journal of Sports Sciences


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