Virtual Space as a Public Sphere Rethinking the Political and Professional Agenda of Spatial Planning and Design



Virtual Space as a Public Sphere: Rethinking the Political and Professional Agenda of Spatial Planning and Design
Barlas, Mehmet Adnan; Çalışkan, Olgu (Middle East Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, 2006)
Even we have not been able to recognize its whole transformative effects within ten to fifteen years, relatively a short period of time for human civilization; communication systems (internet, wireless application protocols, teleconference systems etc.) and simulation technologies have radically shifted the conventional understanding of space concept. In the societies that succeeded to integrate technology into everyday life, sociospatial practices in relational terms are currently defining new platforms to...
Virtual design studios, organizational aspects and their role in design collaboration
Kara, Cem; Baykan, Can; Department of Building Sciences (2001)
Virtual Environments for Learning: The Design Model
Tokel, Saniye Tuğba (2007-06-28)
In this presentation, we will describe a project recently funded by the National Science Foundation to develop Virtual Environments for Learning (VELs) for middle school science. VELs are designed to engage students in student-directed inquiry within the context of a complex task. All resources students need to address the task, including virtual scientific tools and scaled versions of information technologies, are contained within the environment. Design guidelines with examples drawn from two VELs will be...
Digital architecture as the extension of physical spaces : asymtote's New York Stock Exchange virtual reality environment
Ayoğlu, Halil; Yalınay, Şebnem; Department of Architecture (2005)
The aim of this thesis is to develop an understanding of digital architecture as an extension to the physical spaces. The thesis claims that Virtual Reality Environments (VREs) coexist, supplement, support and extend the physical environments. VREs enable the users to deal with manipulable, multi-dimensional, interactive digital environment. Asymptote2s New York Stock Exchange Three-Dimensional Trading Floor (NYSE 3DTF) VRE is a significant example to analyze digital architecture in this perspective. The 3D...
Wireless Sensing in Complex Electromagnetic Media: Construction Materials and Structural Monitoring
Ozbey, Burak; DEMİR, Hilmi Volkan; Kurç, Özgür; ERTÜRK, VAKUR BEHÇET; ALTINTAŞ, AYHAN (2015-10-01)
In this paper, wireless sensing in the presence of complex electromagnetic media created by combinations of reinforcing bars and concrete is investigated. The wireless displacement sensing system, primarily designed for use in structural health monitoring (SHM), is composed of a comb-like nested split-ring resonator (NSRR) probe and a transceiver antenna. Although each complex medium scenario is predicted to have a detrimental effect on sensing in principle, it is demonstrated that the proposed sensor geome...
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