Konut ve Gelişme



Konut ve Gelişme
Keskinok, Hüseyin Çağatay (null, 1987-11-01)
Konut politikaları uygulamalarında özel bir örnek: Yenimahalle
Tokman (Arıbaş), L. Yıldız; Department of City Planning (1979)
Housing crediting and urban development in Turkey.
Kasar, Cere; Keskinok, H. Çağatay.; Department of Urban Policy Planning and Local Governments (2019)
One of the most significant problems in developing countries relates to housing finance. Long-term housing assets are securitized during economic recessions, and the use of real estate as collateral to obtain bank credits creates fictitious growth in the economy. In the vicious circle, where most investments are made into the construction sector every year, it is the rural areas that strive to develop around the cities that suffer the most. The present study puts forward a good practice model to steer prope...
Konut sorunu karşısında yerel yönetimler ( Ankara Akkondu-Batıkent örneği).
Ateş, Türkay; Department of City Planning (1979)
"Organic architecture" and Frank Lloyd Wright in Turkey within the framework of house design
Sönmez, Filiz; Aytaç Dural, Tuğyan; Department of Architecture (2006)
Nature has been a source of inspiration for many architects, one of them being Frank Lloyd Wright. He re-interpreted the principles of architectural design by searching nature and uncovering its hidden dimensions to introduce his idea called organic architecture, at the onset of the twentieth century. This thesis aims to discuss the offspring of this idea in Turkey, with the awareness of the fact that the Turkish examples of Vernacular and Local architecture have always displayed great concern towards natur...
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H. Ç. Keskinok, Konut ve Gelişme. 1987.