"Organic architecture" and Frank Lloyd Wright in Turkey within the framework of house design

Sönmez, Filiz
Nature has been a source of inspiration for many architects, one of them being Frank Lloyd Wright. He re-interpreted the principles of architectural design by searching nature and uncovering its hidden dimensions to introduce his idea called organic architecture, at the onset of the twentieth century. This thesis aims to discuss the offspring of this idea in Turkey, with the awareness of the fact that the Turkish examples of Vernacular and Local architecture have always displayed great concern towards nature. The developments subsequent to the recognition of organic architecture and Wright in the Turkish Architectural arena are surveyed with reference to significant discussions, competitions, exhibitions, conferences as well as concrete examples of architectural practice. Throughout the study the discussions related to Modernism in Turkey are also referred to taking the misconception of organic architecture into consideration. Since the meaning of and the interpretations concerning organic architecture are different from those made in Europe and the USA, some Turkish architects have also conceived organic architecture different from Wright̕s understanding and interpreted it from a merely formal perspective. Wright̕s approach to ءhouse design̕, which transforms confined, formal, symmetrical boxes into flowing spaces, is focused in comparison to Vernacular and Local examples in Turkey, and the works designed by Contemporary Turkish architects are selected to investigate the application of the principles of design and characteristics introduced by Wright. The concept of space, use of material, relation of the building with its environment, functional requirements and constructional concerns are studied within this context.
Citation Formats
F. Sönmez, ““Organic architecture” and Frank Lloyd Wright in Turkey within the framework of house design,” M.Arch. - Master of Architecture, Middle East Technical University, 2006.