Avrupa Birliği’nin Türkiye ile ilgili Genişleme Politikası: Kuramsal Çerçeve



Fisheries policy of the European Union towards African countries: the cases of Mauritania and Namibia /
Bozkuş, Özge; Tayfur, Mehmet Fatih; Department of International Relations (2015)
This thesis analyses the fisheries agreements of the European Union (EU) with African countries and in particular Mauritania and Namibia. The goal of this study is to find an answer to the following question: Have the fisheries agreements between the European Union and African countries created a win-win situation? Ensuring EU's Member States access to the world's main fishing zones and supplying fish to EU's market became the main goals of the EU. Additionally, the EU aimed to contribute to the sustainable...
The critical overview of the European Union gender equality policies and their implications for Turkey
Gökalp, N. Ela; Ertürk, Yakın; Department of Sociology (2005)
Since the 1990̕s, interest in the European Union (EU) gender equality policies has increased among feminist scholars and activists. In this context, studies focusing on equal pay for work of equal value, equal treatment in education, and access to employment, among others have been undertaken and different dimensions of the EU gender equality policies have been a subject of much debate. This thesis is an effort to critically review the potential of these policies vis-à-vis their capacity to bring about gend...
Assessment of the European Union’s normative power within the context of its migration policy
Zengin, Ceren; Torun, Zerrin; Department of European Studies (2017)
This thesis tries to assess the normative power of the European Union within the context of its migration policy. In line with this objective, the thesis first examines the concept of normative power Europe, the possible criteria to assess the credibility of the normative power Europe claim and the major criticisms raised against the concept. Then, the thesis continues with the discussions on the motivations of the EU member states in developing common migration policy at the EU level, the securitization of...
Strengthening Turkish small and medium size enterprises and promoting entrepreneurship in the light of European Union policies
Işık iskender, Seval; Ege, Aylin; Department of European Studies (2005)
This thesis analyses the ways of strengthening Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (SMEs) in Turkey and promoting entrepreneurship in the light of the current EU policies from a holistic approach. Analyses of theoretical framework and exploring the structure of SMEs, existing support policies and the future strategies of both European Union and Turkey are the major stages of this study. This thesis makes critical evaluation of SME policies in Turkey by pointing out their weaknesses, which are supported by th...
Assessing impacts of the European framework programme on Turkish participants: a case study on FP6 IST priorty
Metin, Hüseyin; Çilingir, Canan; Erdil, Erkan; Department of Industrial Engineering (2010)
This thesis aims to assess impacts of European Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP) on Turkish participants, focusing on Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) Information Society Technologies (IST) priority. A two-sided approach was employed while assessing impacts. First, DELPHI method was used to quantify and prioritise expectations of the decision makers in key stakeholders; second, a survey was designed to measure additionalities and the level of achievements of program particip...
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