Assessing impacts of the European framework programme on Turkish participants: a case study on FP6 IST priorty

Metin, Hüseyin
This thesis aims to assess impacts of European Framework Programme for Research and Technological Development (FP) on Turkish participants, focusing on Sixth Framework Programme (FP6) Information Society Technologies (IST) priority. A two-sided approach was employed while assessing impacts. First, DELPHI method was used to quantify and prioritise expectations of the decision makers in key stakeholders; second, a survey was designed to measure additionalities and the level of achievements of program participants. Scientific and technological impacts, economic impacts, institutional impacts and impacts on collaboration and sectoral knowledge were questioned as four main impact criteria. It is demonstrated in survey results that, significantly high levels of impacts were achieved in scientific and technological impacts and impacts on collaborations and development of sectoral knowledge. Nonetheless, economic impacts were noted to be lowest among all impact factors. Level of impacts were tested for different control factors including project instrument, organization type, project activity, project role and received grant. Project role was proved to be the most important control factor affecting the level of impact. It is presented in comparison of decision makers’ expectations and participants’ achievements that, decision makers’ expectations were mostly satisfied by participants except for economic impacts. Turkish participants in FP6 IST field had significant impacts in three out of four main impact factors. Moreover, decision makers expectations were highly satisfied except for economic impact factors. The results of this study, relying on the assessed impacts of FP6 IST field, support Turkey’s participation in forthcoming FPs.
Citation Formats
H. Metin, “Assessing impacts of the European framework programme on Turkish participants: a case study on FP6 IST priorty,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.