Effect of Nitriding on the Phase Transformations in the Fe-Mn Alloys

Binnatov, Kahraman
Ali-zade, İbrahim
Mekhrabov, Amdulla
We present results concerning the nitriding e ects on phase transformations inFe { 40 at. % Mn and Fe { 50 at. % Mn alloys. These alloys were studied by meansof X-ray di raction and M ̈ossbauer-e ect spectroscopy methods at room tempera-ture. Results indicate that, after nitriding, in the absorption spectra of these alloysappears lines with hyper ne eld H330 kOe which corresponds to the eld on the57Fe nuclei in the-Fe. Annealing of the alloys at 650C temperature (nitridingtemperature) in argon atmosphere do not change the form of the M ̈ossbauer absorp-tion spectra. It appears that the nitriding process a ect the microstructure of thesealloys and leads toγ!phase transformations in the Fe-Mn alloys.The distribution function of e ective hyper ne magnetic eld P(H) on the57Fenuclei in the Fe-40 at.% Mn alloy after hardening processes has one maximum withHeff37 kOe, while nitriding processes leads to the appearance of two maximawith Heff6kOeandHeff27 kOe in the P(H) curve of this alloy. Analogicalresults were obtained after nitriding processes for Fe-50 % Mn alloy.