Research trends of instructional technology dissertations in Turkey

Kaya, Kadir Yücel
Güleç, Mustafa
Eşfer, Sezin
Tısoğlu Kaya, Seçil
Kara, Ersin


Research trends in education policy studies: Content analysis
Kaya Kaşıkcı, Sevgi; Gökalp, Gökçe (2018-10-04)
Research frontiers in sustainable development of energy, water and environment systems in a time of climate crisis
Kılkış, Şiir; Krajacic, Goran; Duic, Neven; Montorsi, Luca; Wang, Qiuwang; Rosen, Marc A.; Al-Nimr, Moh'd Ahmad (2019-11-01)
Sustainable energy conversion and management processes increasingly require an integrated approach, especially in the context of addressing the climate crisis. This editorial puts forth related research frontiers based on 28 research articles of the special issue that is dedicated to the 13th Conference on Sustainable Development of Energy, Water and Environment Systems and regional series based on the 1st Latin American and 3rd South East European Conferences. Seven research frontiers are reviewed, the fir...
Scientific careers and ideological profiles of science olympiad participants from Fethullah Gülen and other secondary schools in Turkey
Kocabaş, Özlem; Akşit, Bahattin; Department of Sociology (2006)
This study attempts to explore the scientific careers and ideological profiles of former Olympiad participant scientists. The research carried out via the Internet is to understand the differences in reproductive function of different high school types. Firstly, it elaborates on the transformation of the education field into an area of struggle together with the alteration in the policies of the State as to educational understanding. Secondly, it focuses on the education understanding of the Gülen Community...
Research in Innovative Intercultural Learning Environments Country Choice of Students for ERASMUS Exchange. Evidence from a Peripheral Country
Kondakçı, Yaşar; Keleş, Elif (2018-10-02)
Research Trends in Early Childhood Education Graduate Theses A Content Analysis
Demirtaş, Seden; Erden, Feyza (null; 2016-10-25)
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