Experimental study of the structure of a rotor wake in a complex turbomachinery flow

Chow, Yi Chih
Uzol, Oğuz
Katz, Joseph
Meneveau, Charles
4th ASME/JSME Joint Fluids Engineering Conference (2003)


Experimental investigation of the effects of tip geometry on the flow and loss characteristics in a linear turbine cascade
Alican, Ozan; Uzol, Oğuz; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2017)
In gas turbines, there are a number of factors causing efficiency decrease. When internal flow in turbomachines is considered, flow vortices are one of those factors. This study aims to investigate the main mechanisms behind the efficiency losses occurring due to Tip Leakage Vortex (TLV) in gas turbine rotor blades. Additionally, according to these mechanisms, two squealer tip geometries were applied to the turbine blades and the improvements were reported. This work is the experimental branch of an optimum...
Experimental investigation of the effects of tip injection on the characteristics of the tip vortex on a model wind turbine
Anık, Ezgi; Uzol, Oğuz; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2015)
This study presents the results of an experimental study performed on a horizontal axis wind turbine to investigate the effects of spanwise steady tip injection on the tip flow characteristics of a model turbine. Experiments are performed in front of an open-jet wind tunnel facility on a specially designed model wind turbine that has a 3-bladed rotor with NREL S826 airfoil profile. The turbine has a specially designed injection system which consists of a pressure chamber, a hollow shaft, pressurized hub and...
Experimental investigation of the effects of tip-injection on the aerodynamic loads and wake characteristics of a model horizontal axis wind turbine rotor
Abdulrahim, Anas; Uzol, Oğuz; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2014)
In this study, tip injection is implemented on a model Horizontal Axis Wind Turbine (HAWT) rotor to investigate the power and thrust coefficient variations as well as the wake characteristics. The model wind turbine has a 0.95 m diameter 3-bladed rotor with non-linearly twisted and tapered blades that has NREL S826 profile. The nacelle, hub and the blades are specifically designed to allow pressurized air to pass through and get injected from the tips while the rotor is rotating. The experiments are perform...
Experimental investigation of near and far field flow characteristics of circular and non-circular turbulent jets
Taşar, Gürsu; Özgen, Serkan; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2008)
The atomization problem of high speed viscous jets has many applications in industrial processes and machines. In all these applications, it is required that the droplets have high surface area/volume ratio meaning that the droplets should be as small as possible. This can be achieved with high rates of turbulence and mixing of the flow. In order to constitute a foresight of geometry e ects on droplet size, experimental investigation and the determination of flow characteristics in near and far fields of a ...
Experimental investigation of flow characteristics of flexible wings with different stiffener orientations in linear translating motion
Karakaş, Hasan Halil; Perçin, Mustafa; Department of Aerospace Engineering (2022-8-12)
This study experimentally investigates the flow field around the wings, which first accelerate with constant acceleration from the rest and then perform a linear translating motion with constant velocity. Four wings, which are 3D-printed, with a bending stiffness in different directions are examined. The difference in bending stiffness values is achieved by placing stiffeners having different angles with the leading edge on the upper surface of the wing. The stiffeners are printed with wings to obtain well-...
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Y. C. Chow, O. Uzol, J. Katz, and C. Meneveau, “Experimental study of the structure of a rotor wake in a complex turbomachinery flow,” 2003, vol. 2 B, p. 1007, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: https://hdl.handle.net/11511/83936.