An experimental study on geotextile usage for protection of scour under submarine pipelines

Bağcı, Taylan
Elginoz, Nilay
Baş, Bilge
Oğuz, Elif
Akgul, M Adil
Yüce, Atakan
Kabdasli, M Sedat
Scour is a process that is occurring by reason of disturbed flow conditions in the case of existence of submarine pipeline on the seabed. When pipelines are placed on the erodible seabed changing flow (wave/current) conditions cause scour around pipes and this leads the system to stability problems. Geotextiles are permeable textiles which are produced as either woven or non-woven and used in lots of industrial areas. They also have a wide usage in coastal engineering such as for coastal erosion control and in reefs, breakwaters, revetments. In this study, it is aimed to determine the effect of usage of geotextile material for scour protection of submarine pipelines experimentally. In this context, scour is examined in the wave flume by using two pipes and placing geotextile material under regular wave conditions.
13th International Congress of the International Maritime Association of the Mediterranean, IMAM (2009)


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