A study of digital network synchronization by using computer simulation.

Gaylani, Nadir Ahmed


A study of optimization problems using neural nets on the transputer.
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A study on bandwidth compression of signals through analytic-signal rooting.
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A study of site response analysis for vertically propacating shear waves.
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A Study of settlement of stone columns by finite element modeling through case histories
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Stone column technique is mostly used to reinforce soft cohesive soils. Settlements are decreased under foundations and bearing capacity is increased. This study initially focuses on a comprehensive review of literature about stone column reinforced soils. Afterwards, numerical modeling of stone column reinforced soft clays is done. Three different cases are chosen on different foundation soils mainly soft clays. Parametric studies are done to determine influence of parameters on settlement reduction ratio ...
A case study on interaction between time and cost constituents of a mass-housing construction project.
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N. A. Gaylani, “A study of digital network synchronization by using computer simulation.,” Middle East Technical University, 1988.