The effect of heat treatment on lifetime in silicon solar cell materials

Çıkla, Tugay


The effect of adsorption on mass transfer in fluidized bed catalytic reactors
Aksahin, I; Eroğlu, İnci; Yucel, H (Wiley, 2001-02-01)
Tracer gas residence time distributions (RTD) in a laboratory scale fluidized bed system have been measured for pulses of three different tracer gases (methane, ethane and propane) at different temperatures in the range 323 to 435 K. The fluidized solid was a commercial zeolite based FCC catalyst (CBZ-2), and measurements were carried out in a superficial air velocity range of 0.01 to 0.04 m/s. The data were interpreted with two-phase dense phase dispersion models for adsorptive tracers, available in the li...
Evren, Bahar; Kurt, Zöhre; Department of Environmental Engineering (2022-2)
Microplastics (MPs) are plastic pieces smaller than 5 mm. They find their way into freshwater, sea, or wastewater treatment plants during their life cycle, and eventually, they have adverse impacts on ecosystems. Since they have a high surface area/volume ratio and are a good carbon source, they provide a suitable attachment surface for microorganisms. As a result, biofilm formation appears on the surface of microplastics. This formation increases the weight and volume of the microplastics. For this reason,...
The effect of long-term ambient aging on the mechanical properties of conducting polysiloxane-polypyrrole graft copolymers
Biran, C; Toppare, Levent Kamil; Tincer, T; Yagci, Y; Harabagiu, V (2003-05-01)
The mechanical behavior of conducting polysiloxane-polypyrrole graft copolymers has been investigated as a function of ambient oxidative aging period. Graft copolymers of N-pyrrolyl-terminated polydimethylsiloxane (SPPy) with pyrrole were synthesized electrochemically at constant potential by using p -toluene sulfonic acid as the supporting electrolyte. Mechanical tests were performed on both unwashed and dichloromethane -washed copolymers after aging. An initial decrease followed by an increase in the tens...
The effect of support and solvent type on the performance of composite membranes
Şener, Tansel; Gürkan, Türker; Yılmaz, Levent; Department of Chemical Engineering (2001)
The effect of water on combustion behavior of crude oils
Kök, Mustafa Verşan; Nurgaliev, Danis K. (Elsevier BV, 2020-03-01)
The ramped temperature oxidation experiments were performed on heavy and light crude oil samples using the TGA and DSC instruments. The crude oils were mixed with different weight percentages (10%, 20%, and 30%) of water, as a result of which six different water-oil mixtures were prepared. The samples were heated up to 800 degrees C with three heating rates 20, 25, 30 degrees C/min. Two reaction regions, particularly the low temperature oxidation (LTO) and high temperature oxidation (HTO), were identified i...
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T. Çıkla, “The effect of heat treatment on lifetime in silicon solar cell materials,” Middle East Technical University, 1988.