Senior year thermal design course elective or mandatory restricted elective

According to the educational objectives of METU Mechanical Engineering Department, there should be two senior year design courses: a mechanical design course and a thermal or fluids design course. The department had a successful long running mandatory mechanical design course. Instead of preparing and offering a mandatory thermal or fluid design course, it is decided to change the status of three senior year elective courses in thermal or fluids field that were involving design elements. Among these, ME421 Heat Exchanger and Steam Generator design course is offered as restricted elective. The course had been offered as an elective course for a long time for a smaller group of interested students. In new restricted elective status, the number of students is increased but their overall interest level is dropped. The format changes made in the course to accommodate the change in status are presented. Some quantitative and qualitative examples are given to compare the previous and the current status in terms of student learning outcomes. Statistical significance of the observations is discussed along with the results of Bartlett's test.
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