Living Cultures in Cyberspace and Cyberculture in the Actual World

From the day we open our eyes to the life, we find ourselves in spheres of cultures. We interiorize the norms of these cultures as the way of our living. First, we meet with the family culture. As we grow older we can’t escape from the codifications such as how to dress, behave, speak and what is wrong and what is right. Cultural symbols, messages and values have a crucial role in forming our social identities. Culture is a determinant and distinctive factor in our inclusive social life actions. With the emergence of globalization and cyberspace culture became more and more significant element to understand orders and disorders of the world we are living in. Just like globalization abraded borders of nation states, cyberspace also surpassed borders of the communities. Globalization linked different cultures notably in economical, political and social extents. Cyberspace interconnected the cultures in a virtual geography. Therefore this new social environment of humanity, the cyberspace, leads to new transformations and interactions of living and forgotten cultures. Cyberspace is a new social area, as an interface of the actual world, where the space and time becomes unclear. This new dimension of the existence has its own cultural adaptation to existing developments. New concepts such as online belongings and virtual identities are product of the cyberculture. How an individual user becomes and feels part of a group, communion or even an emotion having no boundaries through internet is real object of interest.
1st İstanbul Bosphorus İnternational Conference on Cyberpolitics and Cybersecurity (18 - 21 Mayıs 2017)


Urban culture and space relations : \ Sakarya Caddesi as an entertainment space in Ankara
Yetkin, Sultan; Rittersberger Tılıç, Helga İda; Department of Sociology (2004)
The purpose of this thesis is to research the relation between spatial structures and social relations including the cultural ones. This study specifically researches the relation between the construction and the representation of urban space and urban culture in Sakarya Caddesi as an instance of society-space interaction. This research focuses on Sakarya Caddesi where various urban cultural practices such as entertainment, has intensified. It deals with the constitution and representation of this entertain...
Engaging with the past in Turkey: An action research
Sarıoğlu, Senem; Atakuman, Çiğdem; Department of Settlement Archaeology (2022-3)
How we engage with the past is deeply related to our understanding of the self and the world. Thus, people’s engagement with archaeological narratives is needed to be understood better. This study aims to explore how we can create more engaging archaeological narratives and how different archaeological narratives influence people’s perceptions of time and identity. This study used action research as the methodology because of the need for experimenting with different archaeological narratives. The site chos...
William Butler Yeats and mysticism: a neo-platonic approach to his poetry
Tülüce, Mustafa Uğur; Korkut Naykı, Nil; Department of English Literature (2017)
Finding the truth about the universe is the way of the mystic. Mystics try to achieve union with a transcendental power through a search within themselves and through the divine reflected on earth. The Irish poet William Butler Yeats (1865 – 1939) was under the influence of different understandings of mysticism throughout his career. This study aims to explore how Yeats‘ poetry reflects this mystical influence. The focus of the study is on Yeats‘ late period when he was highly influenced by Neo-platonism an...
Science Education Research for Citizen Science Classroom-based Activities: A Content Analysis of papers published in 2016
Bol, Fulda; Çakıroğlu, Jale (2017-08-27)
Contribution In the modern World, manufactured technology and society is our new nature to understand, convert and investigate new things to make better our life and future. That’s why we need to make more connection between real World and school education. Moreover “the important part of learning in science is to link contrived classroom activities to events in the real world” (King & Ritchie, 2016) and therefore, students can be familiar around their World. By the rapid change on the science and technolo...
Time, the Self and Freedoom in Bergson
Cifteci, Volkan (2017-12-01)
Bergson argues that we live for the society which is external to us more than we live for ourselves which is our inner existence. That is, our inner existence is, for the most part, under the influence of our outer, social life. This kind of life necessarily leads to conditions in which the self is far removed from freedom, or conditions in which the self rarely acts freely. Nevertheless, Bergson tells us that freedom is in principle possible for human selves. In order to gain access to freedom, what we nee...
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