Living Cultures in Cyberspace and Cyberculture in the Actual World

From the day we open our eyes to the life, we find ourselves in spheres of cultures. We interiorize the norms of these cultures as the way of our living. First, we meet with the family culture. As we grow older we can’t escape from the codifications such as how to dress, behave, speak and what is wrong and what is right. Cultural symbols, messages and values have a crucial role in forming our social identities. Culture is a determinant and distinctive factor in our inclusive social life actions. With the emergence of globalization and cyberspace culture became more and more significant element to understand orders and disorders of the world we are living in. Just like globalization abraded borders of nation states, cyberspace also surpassed borders of the communities. Globalization linked different cultures notably in economical, political and social extents. Cyberspace interconnected the cultures in a virtual geography. Therefore this new social environment of humanity, the cyberspace, leads to new transformations and interactions of living and forgotten cultures. Cyberspace is a new social area, as an interface of the actual world, where the space and time becomes unclear. This new dimension of the existence has its own cultural adaptation to existing developments. New concepts such as online belongings and virtual identities are product of the cyberculture. How an individual user becomes and feels part of a group, communion or even an emotion having no boundaries through internet is real object of interest.
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