Design implementation of an electrophysiological data acquisition and analysis system

Sezen, Kumsal Deniz


Design application and comparison of single stage flyback and SEPIC PFC AC/DC converters for power LED lighting application
Yılmaz, Hasan; Hava, Ahmet Masum; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2012)
In this work, single stage power factor corrected AC/DC converters for LEDs; single stage Flyback converter having different configuration from the traditional Flyback and single stage SEPIC converter is investigated. The study involves analysis, circuit design, performance comparisons and implementation. The study covers LEDs; their developments, characteristics and state-of-art in this new technology. The circuits are investigated by means of computer simulations. Operating principles and operating modes ...
Design optimization of a laser path length controller through numerical analysis and experimental validation
Fenercioglu, Tevfik Ozan; Yalçınkaya, Tuncay (IOS Press, 2019-01-01)
As an integral part of Strapdown Inertial Navigation Systems, ring laser gyroscopes (RLG) are exposed to joint loading conditions where thermal, static and dynamic loads occur simultaneously. The effects of different loading conditions on overall RLG performance should be addressed in parallel for an optimum design. A crucial aspect in this process is the development of the path length controller (PLC), consisting of a mirror, a composite piezo electric bending actuator and other motion transfer elements. T...
Design optimization of rocket nozzles in chemically reacting flows
Yumusak, M.; Eyi, Sinan (2012-07-30)
The objective of this study is to develop a reliable and efficient design tool that can be used in chemically reacting flows. The flow analysis is based on the axisymmetric Euler and the finite rate chemical reaction equations. The finite rate chemistry model includes eight species and eleven reaction equations. These coupled equations are solved by using Newton's method. Both the numerical and the analytical methods are used to calculate the Jacobian matrices. Sensitivities are evaluated by using the adjoi...
Design simulation and fabrication of low cost inkjet antennas
Can, Onol; Tolga, Cıftcı; Kucuk, Semıh; Karaosmanoglu, Barıscan; Ergül, Özgür Salih (null; 2015-07-09)
Design optimization, control and experimental characterization of flapper mechanism with amplified piezo actuator
Temeltürk, İhsan Burak; Şahin, Melin (2017-03-23)
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K. D. Sezen, “Design implementation of an electrophysiological data acquisition and analysis system,” Middle East Technical University, 1991.