Conformance testing of a standard virtual terminal protocol

Özyıldırım, Sezgin


Usability evaluation of a web-based ontology browser: the case of TSONT
Karakus Yilmaz, Turkan; DURAK, Umut; Oğuztüzün, Mehmet Halit S.; Çağıltay, Kürşat (2018-01-01)
As the use of ontologies expands, their visualization is becoming increasingly important. In this study, an ontology browser for visualizing the Trajectory Simulation ONTology (TSONT) was evaluated in terms of usability by considering its subdimensions, which are effectiveness, efficiency, and user satisfaction. The methodology employed in this study for evaluating an ontology browser is reported along with the results of the evaluation. The TSONT browser is a tree-type ontology browser created to allow dev...
Performance analysis of reliable multicast protocols
Çelik, Coşkun; Bazlamaçcı, Cüneyt Fehmi; Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering (2004)
IP multicasting is a method for transmitting the same information to multiple receivers over IP networks. Reliability issue of multicasting contains the challenges for detection and recovery of packet losses and ordered delivery of the entire data. In this work, existing reliable multicast protocols are classified into three main groups, namely tree based, NACK-only and router assisted, and a representative protocol for each group is selected to demonstrate the advantages and disadvantages of the correspond...
Usability evaluation of dynamic geometry software through eye tracking and communication breakdown analysis
Yağmur, Serap; Çakır, Murat Perit; Department of Information Systems (2014)
The use of information technology in mathematics education has become popular due to the increasing availability of software applications designed for constructing mathematical representations. In this study, we conducted a usability evaluation of GeoGebra, which is a commonly used math education tool that provides dynamic geometry, spreadsheet and algebra features. The study consists of three usability experiments. In the first experiment, an eye tracking study was conducted where individual participants p...
Usability of virtual reality for basic design education: a comparative study with paper-based design
Özgen, Dilay Seda; Afacan, Yasemin; Sürer, Elif (SPRINGER, VAN GODEWIJCKSTRAAT 30, 3311 GZ DORDRECHT, NETHERLANDS, 2019-11)
Virtual reality (VR) is an emerging technology that is being used in a wide range of fields such as medicine, gaming, psychology and sociology. The use of VR is promising in the field of education and requires investigation, but research on the use of VR in education is still limited. This enables the exploration of new territories, and design education is one of them. Design education, an important part of the curriculum of architecture students who aim to conceptualize problem-solving, is still taught usi...
Performance analysis and comparison of SOA servers in different applications
Kuszewski, Maciej; Coşar, Ahmet; Department of Computer Engineering (2010)
One of the most crucial decisions when developing a system based on Service Oriented Architecture is to select an appropriate server which will be the ground for building the application. Similar to databases, an application server has significant influence on efficiency, stability, and security of entire system. During the preparation of architecture for system development one has to decide which available application server would be optimal for hosting and maintaining v Web Services in the given case. The...
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S. Özyıldırım, “Conformance testing of a standard virtual terminal protocol,” Middle East Technical University, 1991.