Performance analysis and comparison of SOA servers in different applications

Kuszewski, Maciej
One of the most crucial decisions when developing a system based on Service Oriented Architecture is to select an appropriate server which will be the ground for building the application. Similar to databases, an application server has significant influence on efficiency, stability, and security of entire system. During the preparation of architecture for system development one has to decide which available application server would be optimal for hosting and maintaining v Web Services in the given case. There are multiple significant criteria that lead to the proper choice. The impact on a decision among other things is type of the physical machine on which the application server is installed, estimated number of simultaneous clients, and sizes of requests and responses between clients and server. The goal for this thesis is to conduct the comparative analysis of the most commonly used application servers using Service Oriented Architecture and to determine which server should be applied in which particular cases. Performance and load tests will be conducted using SoapUI application.
Citation Formats
M. Kuszewski, “Performance analysis and comparison of SOA servers in different applications,” M.S. - Master of Science, Middle East Technical University, 2010.