Nannies, Cared Children and the Family Dynamics

Babies are born into and grown up in a social environment. This environment includes mainly the mother and the father, as well as other caregivers like nannies. Live-in or live-out, nannies enter the routines of the employer families and they gradually become a family member. Nevertheless, the relationship dynamics between the nannies and the family members are mostly unknown, as well as the effects of these dynamics on the cared child's well being. The present research has been conducted with the aim of understanding how nannies contributed to the family dynamics, and uncovering the direct and indirect effects (i.e. through changing family dynamics) of the employment of nannies on the cared children's well being. Towards this aim, mothers of 1,5-5 year-old children, who employ nannies, have been administered an online survey created by the authors, which included questions regarding the family dynamics and time spent with the child. The survey also included Perceived Partner Responsiveness Questionnaire as well as CBCL 1,5-5. The primary results showed that the time that the mothers spent with their children affected their perceptions of the child, of the nanny and of the father. Moreover, the mothers who spent more time with the cared child evaluated father-child and nanny-child relationships more negatively. The data collection for the present research is ongoing, the full set of results are to be presented in the conference. The present research is aimed to add to the literature twofold: First, widening the literature about children's well being through investigating the nanny-child relationship, a long-neglected relationship which might have implications for healthy child development, and second, including the family in the analyses as to draw a more holistic picture about the possible effect of nannies on the cared children.
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