Preliminary Assessment of Hazard from Tectonic Tsunamis in the Eastern Mediterranean

Aydın, Baran
Bayazıtoğlu, Özge
Shargivand, Naeimeh
Kanoğlu, Utku


Preliminary Analysis of Marine Litter Watch Data of the European Environment Agency with particular reference to the Black Sea
Kıdeyş, Ahmet Erkan; Aydın, Mustafa (Turkish Marine Research Foundation (TUDAV), 2020-01-01)
Preliminary estimation of the tsunami hazards associated with the Makran subduction zone at the northwestern Indian Ocean
Heidarzadeh, Mohammad; Pirooz, Moharram D.; Zaker, Nasser H.; Yalçıner, Ahmet Cevdet (2009-02-01)
We present a preliminary estimation of tsunami hazard associated with the Makran subduction zone (MSZ) at the northwestern Indian Ocean. Makran is one of the two main tsunamigenic zones in the Indian Ocean, which has produced some tsunamis in the past. Northwestern Indian Ocean remains one of the least studied regions in the world in terms of tsunami hazard assessment. Hence, a scenario-based method is employed to provide an estimation of tsunami hazard in this region for the first time. The numerical model...
Preliminary Report on Engineering and Geological Effects of the January 24, 2020 Magnitude 6.7 Earthquake in Elaziǧ, Turkey
Çetin, Kemal Önder; Ilgaç, Makbule; Can, Gizem; Çakır, Elife; Söylemez, Berkan (GEER, 2020-01-01)
Preliminary seismic vulnerability assessment of existing reinforced concrete buildings in Turkey - Part I: Statistical model based on structural characteristics
Ozcebe, G; Yücemen, Mehmet Semih; Aydogan, V; Yakut, Ahmet (2003-05-13)
The 1999 earthquakes caused huge damage and economic losses in Turkey. The city of Duzce, hit by the second earthquake of Mw=7.2, suffered widespread damage to many RC buildings. Survey teams conducted post-earthquake evaluations on selected buildings that suffered various degrees of damage. The information collected was analyzed to set up a correlation between the attributes affecting seismic performance and the observed damage. A procedure, developed using a statistical method called discriminant analysis...
Preliminary estimation of rock mass strength using diamond bit drilling operational parameters
BASARIR, H.; Karpuz, Celal (2016-03-03)
In many mining engineering applications such as prospecting, development, production and grouting, diamond bit drilling is widely used due to high penetration rate, core recovery and its ability to drill with less deviation. It has been well known that the operational parameters of diamond bit drilling are closely related with rock mass strength properties. One of the most widely discussed subjects in drilling is the possibility of using diamond drill bit operational parameters for preliminary estimation of...
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B. Aydın, Ö. Bayazıtoğlu, N. Shargivand, and U. Kanoğlu, “Preliminary Assessment of Hazard from Tectonic Tsunamis in the Eastern Mediterranean,” 2017, Accessed: 00, 2021. [Online]. Available: